Sensei Erwan GoasdouéSensei Erwan started Karate Shito Ryu style in 1996 in France before switching to Shotokan in 2000. He obtained his Shodan (1st Dan Black Belt) in 2003. In 2004, he started training with Senseis Mike and Nga Connolly at the Yeronga and Acacia Ridge Dojos. He received his Nidan (2nd) from Shunsuke Takahashi Shihan in 2007, his Sandan (3rd) from Yoshiharu Osaka Shihan in 2010 and his Yondan (4th) from Toshihiro Mori Shihan in 2015 .

Erwan also practiced several other martial arts such as Yoseikan Budo and Aikido where he developed a practical interest for self defence and the meaning (Bunkai) of Katas (forms). He strongly believes that the obtention of a black belt is the beginning of a long journey of research and learning. Sensei’s Erwan Motto is “Jusqu’au bout” (Till the end)

 JKA International Accreditations:

B- Class Instructor; B– Class Judge and C- Class Examiner


Blue Card (QLD Gov. Commission for Children & Young People & Child Guardian); Senior First Aid