The following provides a brief history of the JKA Brisbane South Dojo. It is also a tribute to Sensei Mike Connolly, its founder.

The JKA Brisbane South Dojo brief history started in 1966 when Sensei Mike started training in Ipswich Queensland, then West End under Dough Lee. in 1968, due to work commitments, Doug was not able to run the club so he offered it to Sensei Mike who was a 5th kyu at the time. Feeling the need for a higher level of instruction Mike wrote to Japan with the desire to affiliate with the Japan Karate Association and secure the services of a qualified instructor. In 1973, the Club obtained affiliation and Sensei Takahashi arrived in Australia from JKA Head Quarters in Japan.

By that time, new Clubs opened in Inala and Moorooka. The latter and West End Dojos were forced to close as Sensei Mike was also training and providing support to Sensei Takahashi’s Dojo in Fortitude Valley.

When Sensei Takahashi left Australia Sensei Mike increased the training sessions at Inala to 3 times a week for many years. This club was developed into one of the strongest dojos in Australia having many successes in the tournament circuit. Although Inala was going well Sensei Mike decided to look at the possibility of opening another club outside of the Inala area.

An opportunity presented itself at Annerley, were a small club of about 15 members who had been training in the Budokan style invited Sensei Mike to take over the teaching of this club and affiliate it with JKA. Sensei Mike relocated the dojo to the Yeronga School and established the name of Brisbane South Dojo in 1992.

Acacia Ridge Dojo opened in 2004 and it was shortly after that Inala Dojo had to close.

Assisted by his wife, Sensei Nga Connolly, and by Sensei Erwan Goasdoué, Sensei Mike continued to teach until his passing away in October 2013.

Sensei Erwan took over from Sensei Nga in 2015, and it was that year that JKA Brisbane South affiliated with JKA/WF Australia.